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maren | norway | 15

yeah multifandom mess or whatever but yes i'm not sorry

i'm trying to be on a hiatus but oh well.

obsessed by jensen ackles and norman reedus like what are they ruhg

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croowley: this is a question, eheheh

and this is the answer!

He took a step but then felt tired
He said, “I’ll rest a little while”
But when he tried to walk again
He wasn’t a child (x)

I’ve memorized the patterns of your shirts, the seethe in your voice, the partitions of your hair. ▽▼▽ Graphic Collab: bentobride (↑) + winchestire (↓)


Can you see the flood from the waves of my regret - SN: 9x09

The Eucharist.
The thing you gave me. It’s a…
It saves your soul. (x)


supernatural meme
three colours [2/3]
- red

Dad knew who you really were. Good solider, nothing else. Daddy’s blunt little instrument